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Our members have seen their HbA1c drastically reduce in only a few months, without diet, without exercise, without drugs.

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If you are over the age of 60 and break a hip, you have a 1 in 5 chance of dying within 1 year.

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What we do

What do we do?

Bones | Balance | Strength

Naturally Increase Bone Density

If you are over the age of 60 and break a hip, you have a 1 in 5 chance of dying within a year. With our advanced technology, you can begin strengthening your bones drastically reducing your chances of both falling and breaking a hip. Our studies show that we can improve bone density by 14% in as little as 6 months.

CDC 1 Year Mortality Study
Radically Improve Balance

Radically Improve Balance

We walk on flat even surfaces all day every day, sidewalks, flooring etc. This matters because our stabilizer muscles aren’t getting activated because there isn’t any variability in our walking. Why do you care? Because most hip fractures are caused by falling. Falls can be prevented by using our vibration plates. Our members have seen 100% improvement in balance in as little as 8 weeks by performing movements to recruit all of those stabilizer muscles. You will leave every session with better balance than when you came in.

Improve Strength and Endurance

Improve Strength and Endurance

60 seconds of effort per week to build incredible Strength and Endurance. We know that sounds crazy, so let us prove it to you as we have with thousands of other members. We know that we are born with X number of muscle cells, so we can’t change that but we can improve the density of the muscle cell with myofibril development. It doesn’t take 3 sets of 10 or 90 minutes every day – it only takes 60 seconds, once a week.

Cutting Edge Technology

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Advanced Robotic Machinery - The Heart of OsteoStrong

This isn’t exercise and we aren’t doing 3 sets of 10 here. This is impact emulation, and with our 4 machines you’ll spend 60 seconds of actual effort to trigger the bone building process. Sounds crazy, we know – but we get results. Check out our Testimonials and Science down below.

HydroMassage (aka The Rejuvenator)

Enhance circulation, relax your muscles and relieve stress – it’s the ultimate massage. No one walks out of the hydromassage room, they float out on Cloud 9. Once you experience controlling the water jets, you’ll understand. It’s like having the power of the Bellagio Fountain at your fingertips – life will never be the same.

BioCharger - Subtle Energy Device

Based on the science developed by Dr Royal Rife and Nikola Tesla, the BioCharger™ NG allows our members to proactively improve their health and wellness by harnessing the energy around us and merging it with cutting edge technology. Using 4 different modalities: High Voltage, PEMF, Photonic Light Therapy and Harmonics – we are able to target specific issues to help the healing process.

Are you ready to be free of:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Back and Joint Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Low Energy
  • Poor Sleep
What we do

The Science

What is Osteogenic Loading?

What is Osteogenic Loading?

OsteoStrong sessions utilize a series of robotic musculoskeletal treatment devices that allow axial compression of bone to emulate the effect of impact, we call this Osteogenic Loading. Because of the robotic optimized positioning of the human body, loading forces go through the human bone that are far higher than those seen in daily activity or weight training. Heavy loading is already understood and recommended by all international bodies of medical education, but at OsteoStrong, we make it safer.

In fact, we’ve known for over 100 years that Osteogenic Loading works. In the late 1800’s, Dr. Julius Wolff discovered that bones will adapt to the loads under which they are placed (Wolff’s Law). What we didn’t know until the 2012 Deere & Tobias study (below) was that there is a minimum threshold to triggering osteogenesis. 4.2 multiples of your body weight is the minimum required force to trigger bone growth in the hip joint (the most important place to avoid fracture) and peak forces with adults in conventional resistance exercise only show 1.26 to 1.54 multiples of body weight.

Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration

Specialized tissues make up your skeletal muscles. These tissues change how they function in response to different kinds and rates of stimuli. Most physical therapy exercise is intended to improve muscle strength by increasing the gravitational load on muscles.

Physical therapy vibration platforms, on the other hand, impose hypergravity activity within muscles by using higher accelerations (vibrations). Whole Body Vibration produces short, quick alterations in tendon-muscle complexes, which stimulates muscle spindles and nerve cells. In turn, your muscles have a reflex reaction as they try to dampen vibratory waves.

In addition to empirical results of physical vibration therapy, electromyography (EMG) tests have conclusively supported the ability of Whole Body Vibration therapy to enhance physical therapy programs by improving:

Flexibility, strength and endurance
Hormone profiles, including serotonin
Cardiovascular and circulatory measures
Coordination, balance, gait and posture

Skeptical? Show your doctor these studies:

Ask them what they know about Wolff’s Law, mechanotransduction as it relates to bone, or osteogenesis. While these principles are over 100 years, these studies are cutting edge.

2012 - Deere & Tobias Study

Learn why walking, running and even weight lifting have little to no positive effect to improving bone density.

2013 - Osteoporosis International Study

Learn how Osteogenic Loading works with and without Bisphosphonates and how your body is perfectly capable of rebuilding bone tissue holistically.

2015 - Hunte, Jaquish, Huck Study

Proving the efficacy of osteogenic loading with a group of women over the age of 50.

2015 - Type 2 Diabetes Study

Learn how Osteogenic Loading lowered A1C levels by .6% in only 6 months without changing their diet.

Who We Are

Why We Care

After going to over 15 Tony Robbins events, I finally understood what the next chapter was going to be about – Contribution. In November of 2017, I happened to walk by a booth at an event that had some pretty high tech equipment and I stopped by to check it out. They were telling me how it was designed to naturally improve bone density and reverse Osteoporosis. I immediately pictured my mom and thought, wow she should really use this! Then they started talking about the other benefits of Osteogenic Loading, like helping eliminate Fibromyalgia, reduce and eliminate Chronic Joint and Back pain, and also reverse Type II Diabetes. In my head, I’m thinking about my mom and saying check, check, check – I HAVE to get my mom to an OsteoStrong center. There wasn’t one in Austin, and that’s when it all fell into place, the universe had put this in my path at perfectly the right time – 6 months later I had resigned my 20+ year career in Technology and Operations and opened my first OsteoStrong.

Deepak Suthar

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Who We Are


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