OsteoStrong strengthens the foundation of the body, the skeletal system.

In only ten minutes per week, our sessions can help improve bone density, develop strength, better posture, balance and athletic performance while eliminating joint and back pain. It can benefit every body in a different way!


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Khanh N, MD – Austin, TX

Khanh N, MD

Internal medicine doctor for over 20+ years and I was skeptical. I hear about new technology all the time and I don’t recommend anything that I haven’t done myself, so I decided to try an OsteoStrong session. I had back pain for along time which was limited how much weight I could lift (competitively) and after one session my back pain went away – I was so blown away I became a member. Check it out for yourself!

Khanh N, MD – Austin, TX
Toni S. – Austin, TX

Toni S.

My back hurt for months and nothing worked until I came to OsteoStrong, after the first session my back felt 75% better and after the second session my pain was GONE! I’m back to bootcamp and dancing again, love this place!

Toni S. – Austin, TX
Elisabeth M. – Austin, TX

Elisabeth M.

My back pain is going away, my stability has improved, the HydroMassage for traction is great and the BioCharger is amazing!

Elisabeth M. – Austin, TX